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Protecting NJ PUBLIC HEALTH SINCe 1911

The New Jersey Association of County and City Health Officials (NJACCHO) is a private, nonprofit organization of municipal and county public health leaders and allied health professionals who work together to protect and improve the health of the people of New Jersey.

As custodians of public health, NJACCHO members address many issues, including communicable disease prevention, chronic illness, maternal and child health, and environmental health. Public health departments also plan for and respond to disease epidemics, natural disasters and other public health emergencies, including health-related consequences of a terrorist act.


Informing and educating the people in our communities is an important part of what we do. The NJACCHO supports its members' communication efforts by offering resources to members and to the general public.

We invite you to visit our website to learn more about public health issues, health emergency preparedness planning, and best practices. You'll find informative videos, downloadable brochures and reports, and links to other useful sites.

We have a new name!

We're the same organization that's been protecting public health since 1911, but we've expanded our membership under our new name. NJHOA is now NJACCHO